Spardy Solutions
Sharing a few of the resources that we've gathered over the years

About us and the site

For many years, we had the privilege of doing very rewarding work in the funeral and cemetery industry, consulting with professionals dedicated to providing comprehensive quality service to the families they serve.

In 2015 we were presented with a special opportunity and made the difficult but positive decision to take on a new adventure (and happy to report that it’s going well.)

As we planned the logical step of taking this site down we were struck by the number of families and organizations who continue to visit – and send notes of gratitude for - our Resources page.

This page is a small collection of resources with information many families find to be very valuable. It was originally intended as a reference for industry professionals but evidently it has reached a much wider audience. We are both honored and gratified by your interest and have decided to keep this site up in order to continue sharing this information.

To the many people who have suggested additional links, we thank you for your interest, your excellent suggestions, and your patience. We plan to expand the page in the near future and ultimately revamp it under a different site name.

We have no commercial relationships with any of the organizations listed on the page. This is a small giving back project of sorts and we are hopeful that it will continue to be of some value to organizations and families like yours seeking professional, unbiased, no-strings-attached information about these important topics.

The kind of information our Resources page will lead you to:
  • I need to start looking into senior care for my parents and don't know where to start.
  • I want to talk with my parents and let them make the decisions about their final arrangements but don't know how to begin the conversation.
  • What funeral and cemetery benefits are available to veterans? Where and when do I claim them?
  • What are the specific steps I need to take with Social Security when a loved one passes away?
  • I want to give a good eulogy; where can I find basic advice and ideas to get started writing it?
  • I'm concerned about a loved one. Where can I find resources for grief support?
  • I've heard about a simple, do-it-yourself living will; where can I find it?